Renovation Clean Up

Why are they not happy with my renovation? Was the refrain, it’s one of my best work! My response was imagine making the best steak ever and serving it on the dirtiest garbage cover one can find, one matter how good the steak looks presentation is horrendous, this is what you did here. Your presentation. You did a $200000 Reno and got your workers to clean? That is waste of time and money.

Once a customer comes to see a finished job they expect it to be clean. If it’s not cleaned properly they upset and then they start looking for mistakes and the dirt makes it easy to find.

But we cleaned we got our shop vac and some rags and cleaned. My friend you cleaning is like hiring me to tile the kitchen.

When you take the time to hire professional cleaners, you are telling your customers you care about your work and about your customer piece of mind. You showcase your work in the absolute best light.

After your Reno is done give us call and we will be there to put the cherry on top of your work at nominal cost-a cost that is much better than the cost of having an irate customer.