Window Cleaning

The saying goes your eyes are the windows to your soul. Well if you think about it you windows tells how meticulous your are about your house.

After cleaning properties some customer would say the place is clean but there is something missing. It smells nice looks good but can’t put our finger on it
One day our eureka moment came as we exit a home a few birds plastered this window window with dropping. Being the cleaners we are we got out wash off the window before the droppings became too hard to remove. Wow the clean windows made the place looks so different.

It was a small bungalow so we cleaned all the windows. When customer got home before they got in the called us to tell us how different the place looks. We explained what we did and when we told the price for this service going forward they were shocked. Further more this only needs to be done a few times per year.

A clean house with dirty windows is like having on a great suite with dirty shoes.
Having a clean window does so many things for you and your clients. It makes your place of business or your home feel more welcoming and gives you a piece of mind and a feeling of oneness with your surroundings.

Clean inside
Clean outside
Clean window sills
Clean cobwebs from front door
Clean front door
Clean door sconce in the front
Clean glass on garage door
Clean screen
Clean inside screen removing black dirt build up
Clean hard water marks/scrape